Letter of Love: Don't Rush it

“Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans”. -Unknown

We are all guilty of the busy life. I have recently replaced the word busywith full as a way to lighten it. Our words too, in part create our reality. We're all guilty of over-planning, to-do lists, and worrying about the un-arrived future. This constant planning eclipses quiet moments, moments where there could be space. 

We live in a world that mostly takes us away from the exact things that we want. Lovebeing present; the connection to our aliveness, with others, to our precious lives. We actively, whether we like it or not, or aware of it or not, participate in this creation.


It’s time to slow down on every level. Don’t worry you won’t miss “it”. You will actually start to live it. 

Certain things take time.


Drinking a cup of tea, preparing a meal, listening deeply to someone, hugging, being w another person without judgements, holding hands, listening to the sounds of nature: bird songs, ocean waves, rain, the ability to change,  paying attention to daily rituals, and always breathing in and breathing out.


Don’t Rush It.

With love,