Letter of Love: No one is YOU …and that is your power.

We make our way. Some of us make our way loudly, some softly, some you barely hear. Some of us take the path of least resistance, some leap into the fire. Some grow tired, some grow awake. Some of us prefer a few friends, while others invite the world to know us. Some of us reveal our feelings easily, while others keep them close. Some focus on the world, while others focus on themselves.

We make our way in a thousand different ways. There are differences in how we do this, and also commonalities that bind us together.  

I make my way through movement, connecting with nature and people. I make my way drinking a cup of tea and holding hands. I make my way by bringing people together to share being alive in our bodies. I make my way as a mother, a teacher, a sister, a daughter and a truth seeker.

However you make your way, do it with love.

Love always,