Tools to stay Grounded in Ungrounded Times

...After all, it is the root that looks after the survival of an organism. It is the root that has withstood severe changes in climatic conditions. And it is the root that has regrown trunks time and time again. It is in the roots that centuries of experiences are stored, and it is this experience that has allowed the tree’s survival to the present day.
- Excerpt from The Hidden life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben

How do you regrow? What are your roots? How do you stay grounded in turbulent times, in times of calm and the times in between.  What are the tools that help you to feel connected? Feeling connected, rooted, grounded, belonging… all stem to this idea of having roots. In a conceptual way we are all connected in our human - ness. Yep, we are human. And that is what is. We need water, food, love, touch, air and movement in order to survive and thrive here on planet earth.
We are alive now. These are turbulent times in many many ways. Some of the things that unground  us are: self- criticism, trying too hard, taking on more than we can handle, social media, politics, news, un-restful sleep, unhealthy food choices, too much sitting, worry and anxiety to name a few. And guess what, often we are affected by some combination of these things. I find it is important not to beat myself up, but rather have some solid tools I can rely on to pull me back to center. Back to my roots. 
Here are my top 10
1. Consciously breathing
Practice Counting breath:

  • Breathe in for 3-6 counts filling up from the belly to the collar bones
  • Hold the breath for 3-6 counts (staying relaxed is key- if you notice you are over tensing as you hold please hold for less counts!)
  • Exhale 3-6 counts
  • Hold the breath out 3-6 counts (again without tension)
  • Work your way up slowly. If you do not have a breath practice already start with 3 counts on each cycle of breath. 
  • Repeat about 5-8 times.

2. Slowing down: it’s the little things… taking the time to chew your food, drinking a cup of tea for 5 minutes, practice active listening, strength train slowly
3. Yoga
4. Standing/ walking on the earth barefoot 
5. Being in nature in silence
6. Hugs for at least 20 seconds
7. Meditation 
8. Taking a social media break
9. Eating whole fresh foods (ideally from your local farm) the nutrients in freshly harvested food will give your body a boost of alive-ness and grounding
10. Saying no when asked to do one more thing that even if sounding good would really just tip us over
Try out some of the tools above and see if they help.
We must do our practices - root ourselves - ground ourselves so that we can shine our light out into the world. This world needs you and me to be our best kindest, warm hearted humans that we can be. What are the ways in which you stay grounded, that help you to show up as the bad-ass loving human you are?
Please stay in touch. 
I wish you all a beautiful grounding summer and hope to see you soon! 
With utmost gratitude,