Embodiment Retreat

May 9 - 12, 2019

Sagrada Ranch in San Luis Obispo, California

This Spring, join Lila Heller for three nights and four days of movement and self-care. This is a small and intimate retreat for women which lends itself to a deep and soulful experience. Because of its size you will receive one on one attention and close contact with the leaders. This opportunity to study with Lila is not to be missed.

We will practice meditation, pilates, yoga, and self-care rituals.  There will be opportunities to hike, swim and hot tub. We will eat organic food prepared by an exceptional chef. And most of all enjoy and connect with each other and with nature. 


Sagrada Ranch is known for it’s world class Yoga and Wellness Retreats in California in a breathtakingly beautiful and nurturing retreat environment. Their yoga/Pilates Retreats are very intimate in size allowing for plenty of one on one time with gifted yoga and Pilates instructors, and allowing for a quiet and restful stay. Sagrada’s cuisine is colorful, local, and deliciously vegetarian, and almost 90% vegan. They are not restrictive in philosophy and enjoy a strong cup of coffee in the morning and robust local Paso Robles wine with dinner. Their all-inclusive yoga retreats are ideal for deepening your connection to yourself and your movement practice.


Sagrada's accommodations are in our architecturally designed retreat center. The newly constructed center is designed by Co-owner and Architect Scott Currie has a contemporary, rustic, country aesthetic that offers guests a special place to reflect on peace, awareness and rejuvenation in the ranches majestic and natural landscape. 


Private Room or Shared Queen $1395/ Shared Private Room $1095 / The King Suite $1595 / Double King Room $1295 / Communal Room $895

My third year at Lila’s retreat was one centered around finding balance. I’ve learned that I can incorporate mindfulness and wellness into every day of my life. Thank you, Lila, for another amazing retreat!”  -Kate