How can movement help to keep you present?

What is body - mapping?

I am glad you asked.

Our brain has a map of every part of our body, all of it: skin, ligaments, joints, organs, eyes, ears, all the systems of the body; breath, lymph, blood, immune, digestion…. It’s all regulated and monitored by our brain!

Your brain and body are in constant communication.

However, when we are over-thinking, preoccupied with thoughts, anxiety, fear or haven’t moved our body or its parts in a while (even for one day) our map gets blurry - we literally “lose” track of our own territory.


When we bring back our awareness to our joints how they move for example or to parts of our body through touch- the map in our brain lights up, the fog starts to disappear and we are able to see our way through. When we take time to clarify and sharpen the connection through the senses, movement and mindful breathing, we can move better, diminish pain, lessen anxiety and feel more alive, present and grounded.

What's included...

In this 90-minute workshop, we will delve into what it means to be present, to embody presence and how to do that through breathwork, and body mapping. Body mapping is done through sensory (touch, smell, seeing, hearing, balance and sensing)  mobility (learning how the joints move and following bone rhythms), muscle activation (learning to precisely activate and turn on your muscles in order to release them).

This work literally lights up your brain. You will find that when your brain has a better “map” of your body and how it works you feel alive, present and alert. Once we are alert and present in our bodies we can learn to live there, to be with what is and learn to breathe through what we find.

There will be a short intro discussion, a body mapping class, a breathing practice and a short Q & A at the end.

I look forward to sharing with you what is possible through the art of bringing presence to our bodies. 

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Please be in a space where you can be un-distracted for 90 minutes.

Please have:

  • a yoga mat and blanket
  • a journal/notebook and pen or pencils

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In this special workshop, you will learn how to use movement and breathing exercises to keep you stay grounded and connected to the now.

When: Saturday, October 2, 2021 10-11:30 am PST

If you cannot make it live, you will have access to the recording! 

Investment: $37 dollars non-members / $25 dollars members

2 steps to sign up:

1. Pay directly via Venmo @lila-heller or Paypal (choose friends + family) to [email protected].

2. Register in advance by clicking here.


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