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The Love of Movement

The Love of Movement is a process of discovering your deeper self.

There is joy to be found, unknown strength that is waiting to be utilized, a game to be played and a coming home. Through this method we find a pause, stillness - we begin to discover parts of ourselves that have been forgotten. We remember who we are again.

This method is like coming home, home to yourself and learning to rest there. 


Online Classes

Re-connect your body & mind through breath, applied neurology, Pilates, Strength and the principles of Yoga. Experience what it feels like to move with ease in your body. 

As you increase your body's movement capacity, you gain the tools to eliminate pain, increase strength, and the confidence to take ownership of your health. 

When we feel good in our bodies we simultaneously end up living a joy filled life! 



Workshops are designed to educate, nourish and bring people together for the common goal of learning & growth.

Each workshop is unique and includes introspection, sharing, hands-on learning, and movement application.   

All workshops have been moved online because of COVID-19, and remain open for registration!



Retreats offer you the ability to escape from the daily rush of life and reset and connect with community. We need three main components to living a balanced life: connection to self, connection to others and connection to nature. Through gathering on retreat each of these components is met, everyday. It is my honor and pleasure to guide you to experience ease in your body, mind and spirit through re-connecting and remembering who you are. You'll escape the hustle of daily life in order to rediscover what's important. In community, nature, and fully nurtured, these retreats are my gift to you.


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Come discover a group of people like you - finding joy, love,
and freedom of life through movement & soul. 

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“The journey has to feel the way you want the destination to feel.” -Danielle LaPorte