Workshops are designed to educate, nourish and bring people for the common goal of learning.

Each workshop is unique and includes introspection, sharing, hands-on learning, and movement application.   

All workshops have been moved online because of COVID-19, and remain open for registration!


Breathing Room: The Breathwork Sessions

These monthly virtual sessions include journaling, breathwork and short discussions. Learn the benefits of breathwork, techniques to incorporate into your daily practice AND how to feel at home in your body. 

Upcoming session: Coming soon

Cost: Free for members | $12 for nonmembers 

3 steps to sign up:

1. Nonmembers: Pay by clicking here.

2. Register in advance by clicking here.

3. Fill out this breathwork questionnaire


Keep your eyes open! These workshops are coming soon!

Tame The Pain: The Neuroscience Approach to Pain

Back to a Healthy Back!


New Year's Workshop

Freedom for the Neck & Shoulders

Breathing: The Core Connection

Happy Hips:
Mobility & Strength

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