Workshops are designed to educate, nourish and bring people for the common goal of learning.

Each workshop is unique and includes introspection, sharing, hands-on learning, and movement application.   


Open-Hearted: Upper Body Reset  

Do you struggle performing push-ups, squats, and planks? 

Learn effective ways to engage, mobilize and align your body to perform the above exercises with ease! If you currently think you “can’t” do a push-up or a squat these classes are for you. If you already perform these types of exercises, learn how to harness even more power—this is for you! 

You will learn how to move with control, awareness and with ease. You will learn how to properly warm up your body for your strength workouts, yoga practice, and your daily routine. This workshop will include applied neurology, pilates, strength-based methods, mobility, flexibility, and breathwork.

Details: $50 per workshop early bird, $75 per workshop late registration. Virtual and In-person Options. 

Open Hearted: Upper Body Reset: Sunday, December 18, 12:30-2:30 pm PST

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Workshop includes: 

  • A full body Neural Warm-up (that will be recorded and sent to you post-workshop)
  • Body Mapping
  • Muscle Mapping
  • Mobility for the joints of the upper and lower body
  • Strength exercises for the major muscle groups of the upper and lower body
  • 10-minute breathwork session for integration


Props needed:

  • Yoga mat (Bring your own or rent at studio)
  • Yoga block (provided at studio)
  • Yoga strap (provided at studio)
  • Yoga blanket (provided at studio)
  • Therabands or resistance band (optional)
  • Pinkie ball (provided or can bring your own)

Moving Towards Our Dreams  

Lila and Aviva are finally together again! Join them for movement, breath and mantra followed by a guided meditation. Then get crafty and create a vision board to enter into 2023! Invite living your highest expressions of life and love with a day of play!

Details: $80 early bird I $108 after Dec 25th. Use code EBDREAMS at checkout. Virtual and In-person Options. 

Date and Time: Saturday, December 31, 10:30am - 1pm PST

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Keep your eyes open! These workshops are coming soon!

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