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  • Age gracefully with balance and awareness¬†
  • Gain strength, flexibility, and¬†mobility¬†

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What Is The Love Of Movement?

The Love of Movement Method is a culmination of Lila Heller’s 20 years of studying mindbody practices which include: Pilates, Yoga, Breathwork, Applied Neurology combined with her experience of working with individual clients. When we move and breathe better, we feel better. 

The Love of Movement Method is for the beginner and more experienced mover. This method teaches you how to retrain your habitual ways of moving and being in the world. It is an eye opening method (literally) that uses the latest brain science along with mobility and mindful strength to improve confidence, posture, balance, a feeling of well-being and enthusiasm for life. The Love of Movement Method teaches that significant gains are possible at any age and ability through doable movement practices.

This method merges the physical, spiritual and brainy bits into a playful and accessible methodology.


"All the body all the time." 
Lila is passionate about education, movement and well being. Dance brought Lila into the wellness world and her fascination with learning more has kept her there. She is a well known movement coach in the Bay Area specializing in Pilates, Breathwork, Applied Neurology and Functional Movement.
Lila has originated The Love Of Movement Method that synthesizes these modalities. She has over twenty years of experience working with thousands of clients. Her method takes into account the unique nervous system of each person she works with. Among her many entrepreneurial passions she leads and facilitates transformational retreats. Her retreats are inclusive, heart based retreats where all are welcome.


Lila highly values continued education as the science of the human body & mind is continuing  to reveal new discoveries.

Yoga & Pilates: 
  • 2022: Pause Breathwork Facilitator¬†
  • 2020: The Art of Transitions 1 with Annie Carpenter
  • 2019: Level 1 Restorative YTT with Judith Hanson Lasator
  • 2018: 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training SmartFlow with Annie Carpenter
  • 2018: Pranify - 50 hour Pranayama with Annie Carpenter
  • 2017: Franklin Method- Breathing For Life, Organ Anatomy, Pilates and Strength with Tom McCook
  • 2016: 50 hour Tantra Training with Katie Silcox
  • 2005-2006: Integrated Teacher Training - Master¬†Level
  • 2004: Polestar Pilates Certification, Brazil
  • 2002-2004: Silvestre Dance Technique
  • 2002: College: Mills College, BA in Anthropology/ Sociology/Dance
Personal Training:

2013: Ice Chamber, Kettlebell Certified Level 1

2007: National Academy of Sports Medicine, C.P.T.

Next Level Neuro 
  • 2023:¬†Year-long Mentorship

 Z-Health Education (Applied Neurology):

  • 2017: Z-Health Exercise Therapy Specialist
  • 2016: Z-Health Movement Integration Specialist
  • 2015: Z-Health Movement Reeducation Specialist
  • 2015: Z-Health Essentials¬†
Functional Movement:

2020: Primal Movement Chains, Perry Nickelson of Stop Chasing Pain

2019: Lymphatic Mojo, Perry Nickelson of Stop Chasing Pain

2019: Primal Pilates - Absolute Center, Lafayette

2018: Primal Foundation Training - Absolute Center, Lafayette


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