I firmly believe that when we feel good in our bodies, we are inspired to do good in the world.
The Love Of Movement Method helps you move better, live happier, and empowers you with a variety of movement tools to keep you strong, pain free and ready to take on your life. 
Each one of us is unique and deserves exercises that speak to that uniqueness.
I believe everyday is a new day and the possibilities for changes are endless.
The Love of Movement Method is for you if you like to learn, want to feel better daily, want to bring back a bit of playfulness to your exercise experience, want to decrease aches, pains and stiffness and want to create a deeper connection to yourself.
I look forward to meeting you on the mat soon!


The Love Of Movement Method is a process of discovering your deeper self. There is joy to be found, unknown strength that is waiting to be utilized, a game to be played, and a coming home. Through this method we find a pause, stillness - we begin to discover parts of ourselves that have been forgotten. We remember who we are again. This method is like coming home to yourself and learning to rest there.


Lila is passionate about education, movement and well being. Dance brought Lila into the wellness world and her fascination with learning more has kept her there. She is a well known movement coach in the Bay Area specializing in Pilates, Breathwork, Applied Neurology and Functional Movement.
She has originated The Love Of Movement Method that synthesizes these modalities and her over twenty years of experience working with hundreds of clients. She loves to facilitate and witness the group coherence that supports individual transformation during retreats. 


Lila's Certifications:

Yoga & Pilates: 

2022: Pause Breathwork Facilitator 

2020: The Art of Transitions 1 with Annie Carpenter

2019: Level 1 Restorative YTT with Judith Hanson Lasator

2018: 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training SmartFlow with Annie Carpenter

2018: Pranify - 50 hour Pranayama with Annie Carpenter

2017: Franklin Method- Breathing For Life, Organ Anatomy, Pilates and Strength with Tom McCook

2016: 50 hour Tantra Training with Katie Silcox

2005-2006: Integrated Teacher Training - Master Level

2004: Polestar Pilates Certification, Brazil

2002-2004: Silvestre Dance Technique

2002: College: Mills College, BA in Anthropology/ Sociology/Dance

Personal Training:

2013: Ice Chamber, Kettlebell Certified Level 1

2007: National Academy of Sports Medicine, C.P.T.

Z-Health Education (Applied Neurology):
  • 2017: Z-Health Exercise Therapy Specialist
  • 2016: Z-Health Movement Integration Specialist
  • 2015: Z-Health Movement Reeducation Specialist
  • 2015: Z-Health Essentials 
Functional Movement:

2020: Primal Movement Chains, Perry Nickelson of Stop Chasing Pain

2019: Lymphatic Mojo, Perry Nickelson of Stop Chasing Pain

2019: Primal Pilates - Absolute Center, Lafayette

2018: Primal Foundation Training - Absolute Center, Lafayette


"So much gratitude for our work together these past nine months. Much of what I am grateful for are the 'simple' wins:

  •  Learning to walk with integrity and grace so I can enjoy and benefit from long walks with my family.
  •  rediscovering my balance in motion so I can once again enjoy hikes on the weekends and when we travel.
  •  expanding my field of vision and improving my eyesight. I can literally see the world better and with more clarity.
  •  Finding an easeful breath, a gift I somehow missed even after years of yogic breath work.
  •  Going upside down and forward folds and arm balances, and for the first time ever delighting in it.

There is more joy in my movement now. Not just on the mat, but in my daily life too. It is amazing the energetically lift that comes with a strong foundation.

Learning to see, balance, walk and breathe better are amazing gifts.

But if there is anything I treasure more, it is that you have taught me to take care of myself in ways big and small. I can soothe my tired eyes, I can’t find my breath again when I get stressed, I can breathe deep, relaxing breaths one sleep is hard to come by. There is so much I can do for myself now. 

Thank you."

Monica, April 2021

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“The journey has to feel the way you want the destination to feel.” -Danielle LaPorte