Ready to MOVE?

Do you want to feel more confident in your own skin? Learn tools for injury prevention, eliminating pain, increasing athleticism, and moving with confidence?

By re-connecting to your body through breath, applied neurology, Pilates, strength and the principles of Yoga, you will experience what it feels like to move with ease in your body. 

As you increase your body's movement capacity you gain the tools to eliminate pain, increase strength, and the confidence to take ownership of your health.  When we feel good in our bodies we simultaneously end up living a joy filled life! 


Current Online Training Classes


Sundays: 9:30-10:30am PST

This Sunday Class is designed to move your body, reset your mind, and relax your spirit.

It will help you step into your week, ready to build success.

When your body, mind and spirit are in connection, you are ready to move freely through the world.

This class is a combination of pilates, yoga, primal movement technique, and applied neurology.

Props: The only equipment you need for this class is your body and mind. A yoga or movement mat can help on a hard floor.

"Work it Out"

Wednesday’s 12:00-1:00pm PST

These sessions are your mid-week ahhhh or sigh of relief.

Come feel the joy and freedom of movement that focuses on length, energy, and tone.

Utilizing props to help create release of tight muscles, this session focuses on creating length and space in the body - specifically your spine!

This class is a combination of pilates, yoga, primal movement technique, and applied neurology. 

Props: For this class, you'll need a few props: pinkie balls, a foam roller, and a yoga block.

"Wake Up and Move"

Fridays: 8:00-8:50am PST

This 50 minute class will get you ready for your day through a neural warm-up and strength building movement flow.
Don't let Friday be low-energy, caffeine fueled, or checked out. 
Allow movement to bring you up to your best energy and vitality to finish the week strong!
Props: yoga mat, blanket, yoga block 
Optional Props: elastic resistance bands

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Choose your class package below and join Lila to move your body and rejuvenate your spirit!

4 Pack (Monthly Auto-Bill)



  • Our Best Beginner Package!
  • 4 Classes per Month!
  • Includes Access to Class Replays! 
  • Auto-billed every 30 Days for your Convenience!
  • No Long-Term Commitment. Cancel Anytime!


8 Pack (Monthly Auto-Bill)



  • Our Most Popular Package!
  • 8 Classes per Month!
  • Includes Access to Class Replays!
  • Auto-billed every 30 Days for Your Convenience!
  • No Long-Term Commitment. Cancel Anytime!


Unlimited Online Training!



  • Our Most Valuable Package!
  • Up to 12 Classes/Month!
  • Includes Access to Class Replays!
  • Auto-billed every 30 Days for Your Convenience!
  • No Long-Term Commitment. Cancel Anytime!


Just Visiting? Drop In to a Single Class!

All classes are visitor and beginner friendly. Everyone is welcome!


Want to spread out your sessions and pay manually each time? 
Use these links to purchase your package with no auto-billing: 4-Pack, 8-Pack

If COVID has made money tight, click HERE for partial scholarship opportunities.

Limited Time Only:

Give the Gift of Movement 

 Give the Gift of Movement This Season 

Gift a loved one a 4-class package. This package of 4 online movement classes will help your loved one feel more confident in their own skin. They will learn tools for injury prevention, eliminating pain, increasing athleticism, and moving with confidence. With this package, they will have the choice of attending any of the 3 online classes offered each week. Available for a limited time only! 

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One on One Training

One on one virtual training sessions are individually designed and curated for each client. If you have specific fitness goals, questions about an injury, or interest in a plan that is developed for your individual needs, set up a virtual appointment with Lila!

She can watch you move, answer questions about injuries, take you through a workout and give you a specific program and plan catered just to you.

Video appointments are 60 minutes in duration and will address your specific needs and interests. You will receive a video and audio recording of the appointment, as well as Lila's follow up recommendations. 

Appointments are $135 for a one hour session. Once payment is made you will be contacted by our team with paperwork and scheduling options. 


What Others Have to Say...

“It has been such a joy to work with you this past year. I’m thrilled to feel more embodied, hardly any pain, and capable of new movements. I’m leaning to a life of movement with ease and strength, and it feels amazing! Thank you for your guidance, support, and the safety net you have provided over the course of this healing and strengthening journey.”

- Caroline

Lila Heller is THE trainer to work with in the Bay Area. As a wellness professional myself, I knew I could trust her to help me after a major health crisis left me bedridden and with several surgeries under my belt. Lila takes her time to get to know her clients, their stories and their body. She is incredibly knowledgeable and has a keen sense of intuition. In our training, she combined several modalities, including but not limited to: Pilates, Z-Health and strength training. Ultimately, she helped me improve my quality of life tremendously and I recommend training with her if you want long term, sustainable results."

- Ashley West Roberts, Perinatal yoga teacher and Postpartum doula

“Lila is an expert teacher, encouraging, supportive and inspirational. Thank you for the opportunity to learn from you. My body got a wakeup call from your classes. (Thank you for kicking my butt!)”

- Chris

“AHA! My back! After Pilates and the neural work, I feel great as if I was given a new spine. fluid, flexible and lubricated my back feels 10 years younger. Thank you!”

- Kelly

Community Class for People Living with Parkinson's

Join me every Thursday at noon for an online Pilates class to benefit those living with Parkinson's. Learn more and sign up through PD Active here

Learn more

Join the Community!

Come discover a group of people like you - finding joy, love,
and freedom of life through movement & soul. 

When you register, you'll also receive a FREE 60 Minute Training Class from Lila!

“The journey has to feel the way you want the destination to feel.” -Danielle LaPorte