What brings you joy?

Uncategorized Mar 28, 2023

Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day of your life.

-Mark Twain

As a movement specialist, I always begin my work with new clients by asking them two crucial questions: "What physical activities do you enjoy doing?" and "What brings you happiness in your day-to-day life?" These questions help me understand their interests and personal goals, which in turn allows me to create a wellness plan that's tailored to their unique needs.

During a recent session with a new client, I noticed that she had left these questions blank on her intake form. I paused and looked up at her, then asked, "I noticed that you didn't answer the questions about joy. What brings you joy?" She met my gaze and replied, "Right now, I can't think of anything that I enjoy."

I could tell that my client was feeling lost and unmotivated, so I took a moment to sit with her and talk. I asked her if she could recall a time when she was doing something that brought her joy, a moment when she felt truly happy. I wanted to help her remember what it felt like to be happy, to feel fulfilled and content.

As I looked around her house, I noticed some clues about what might bring her joy. I saw a teapot on the table and asked, "Do you enjoy drinking tea?" I also noticed a beautiful garden outside and asked, "Do you like being outside in your garden?" To both questions, she replied with a resounding "Yes!"

From there, my client began to add more things to her list of joyful activities. Soon, she had a smile on her face and tears in her eyes. She had remembered the things that brought her happiness and joy, and it was a beautiful moment to witness.

I then emphasized the importance of incorporating joy into her daily routine. When we experience moments of joy throughout our days, we live healthier and happier lives. This connection between our thoughts, beliefs, and actions is crucial to our overall well-being. By remembering what brings us joy and finding ways to incorporate it into our daily lives, we can move and feel better in our bodies.

In love and movement,



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